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You are not a vampire, You are a ghost by MAGVW

The muscle anatomy is all wrong, his deltoid isnt a bone or bumping. its part of the shoulder, you got it right on the right side of his body do the same on his left arm. also his head is a bit skewed, as if you where tilting the paper while drawing. the clavical, neck and shoulder muscles should show a bi more and his shoulders should be 1 hear apart lol. sorry for the rant. learn anatomy. bend it to your will once you have lernt it but dont skip any steps. I suggest you learn anatomy and then bend it to your will. right now you have only a vaige understanding of it.

google translate if you dont speak inglish :)
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MAGVW Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the critique, I see the problems you mention, I had classes of anatomical drawing, so I guess is time to continue with them.
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